I’m Product Designer
with 7+ years of

Online Solutions
Platform for super-large and large businesses that can quickly borrow money from the bank for business development.
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CRM System
"My business" is an internal product of the largest bank of Russia designed to organize interaction and service with corporate clients in the segment of large business.
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ERP System
System for optimizing the work process in the field of metallurgy. The customer is the largest metal production company in the country.
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Online Lessons Service
A platform for conducting online lessons on the school portal of the Moscow region. One of the leading platforms for conducting lessons online during the global pandemic.
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Marketplace of educational content and services. It provides all schoolchildren and schools in the country, regardless of their location, with access to high-quality educational materials.
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Travel Guides
Since childhood, I'm keen on traveling, including active ones. I'm so happy that I was able to participate in the creation of the guidebooks interface for one of my favorite mapping services – maps.me
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Travel planner
Watching people, I noticed that they often act in the same way. It is more important for travelers to get aesthetic pleasure from visiting some place. Also, let's be honest, it's often more important for them to take a beautiful photo for Instagram.
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