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Watching people, I noticed that they often act in the same way. It is more important for travelers to get aesthetic pleasure from visiting some place. Also, let's be honest, it's often more important for them to take a beautiful photo for Instagram.

User Interviews

I started the interview with asking to recall and describe:
• The process of preparing for the upcoming trip, how and where they were looking for information about interesting places they were planning to visit.
• What was important and what they paid attention to while choosing places.
• How they navigated the terrain and got to selected places.
• What tools they used, what they liked or didn't like about these tools.

User Persona

After summarizing the interview with respondents, I compiled the characteristics of the user, which by and large are common for all travelers.
29 years old
Prefers active travel. Before traveling first of all she searches information in the Internet on such queries
as “the most beautiful places”, “sights”, etc. Pays attention to the photo if the place interested her takes
a screenshot. Then she goes to Instagram looks at the photos taken in this place. After collecting information about the places of interest to her puts marks on the map in a mobile phone for route planning and orientation on the terrain.

User Flow

Based on the user stories I created a user flow focused on 2 main action: searching and planning, navigation and viewing visited places.


Wireframes sketches created to make ideas more tangible. it was proved, by means of them, that concept works. I also identified and corrected the mistakes.


In order to make sure that solutions and hypotheses are correct and this is exactly what users need, I tested the prototype on a focus group.
Final design
A clean and unobtrusive design without trying to stand out. All attention is drawn only to the photographs and key actions where necessary.


Thanks to this concept, the team invited me and to participate in the design of the interface for the cartographic service. I was very pleased with the opportunities that opened up because I really like the service and have been using it myself for a long time.
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