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Marketplace of educational content and services. It provides all schoolchildren and schools in the country, regardless of their location, with access to high-quality educational materials.

User Interviews

This project involves the interaction of many different user groups and each group has its own tasks and needs. First, together with the analysts, we conducted interviews with representatives of each individual group to find out about the current pain in interacting with each other and how they see the ideal interaction.

Focus group

We gathered users to form a unified vision of the future product together, which will be used by representatives of all groups. We also wrote down the functionality that the future product should have and set priorities.


and Testing

The «Figma» functionality allows you to make a clickable prototype for users in a short time to make sure that we understood them correctly in the previous two stages, as well as take into account various details and proceed to the final design already taking into account the edits.

It is also worth saying that I conducted this stage regularly during the development of the project.

Design system

For the project, we have developed our own design system, in the creation of which I made a significant contribution. As an example, we used an already existing design system in the public domain –

Final design

Since all users mainly use desktop, we developed a product for this platform first of all. Then adapted it to other resolutions, including mobile devices.


The main device for interacting with the service are laptops and work computers. Despite this, the service's interface is adaptive and users could interact with it on any device, including mobile phones and tablets.


The government contract was successfully completed and implemented in full. A year later, schools, publishers, and parents highly appreciated the service. The Ministry of Education is planning further development of the service and its mandatory inclusion in the educational process.
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